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Villa Bonafata

This villa was a country house built in 1911, in what was at the time one of the greenest areas of the Julian capital.
The estate is located in a picturesque setting, where the sun and the sea shine in all their splendor. Your stay will be accompanied by the gentle sounds of the countryside, the fresh sea breeze and the nearby railway which will be the soundtrack of your stay in this magical atmosphere taking you back in time.

Villa Bonafata has been completely renovated. It offers an independent entrance on the first floor, in a simple yet peaceful and well-kept environment that evokes a pleasant feeling of familiarity. Our philosophy is to increasingly adopt sustainable and low-impact systems over time. Our last step taken in this direction was to equip Villa Bonafata with a photovoltaic system which includes solar panels, and supports the energy needed for the house. We believe in a green future and in an evermore “green” Trieste, and thanks to your precious contribution we will be able to improve day after day!

Our charming villa in Trieste

The B&B is based in a splendid villa, in one of the most beautiful areas of Trieste.
Full of charm, our property offers a welcoming environment and a caring service to ensure an unforgettable experience.


The Giglio family

Our history in Trieste began in the 70s, when we moved from Naples to the upper peninsula, in the shadow of the hill of San Giusto, in Trieste. Here we found the perfect place to dedicate ourselves to the management of our family’s restaurant business.

After this long experience of service which taught us the best way to have a connection to our customers, we have renewed ourselves, changing our skin while remaining the same as always. Today, Alessandra and Davide, the children of the Giglio family, have the pleasure of working in the hospitality business, proudly remembering our roots and the values ​​that have allowed us to build solid relationships with the people we have met over the years. At the core of our work there always is our customer’s needs and well-being. By moving in this direction, we want to offer a genuine experience, believing that the communication with our guests is what makes us most grateful and satisfied. Waiting for you impatiently and making your stay even sweeter, there will also be our trusted four-legged friend “Samy”, always ready to keep you company and greet you warmly when you return after a day to the sea and the mountains.

Villa Bonafata in Trieste

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